Take a twirl, give a twirl- presenting our I Am A Christian Under Construction God's Not Done With Me Yet! T-shirt! A dynamite in cotton couture, tailored to induce chuckles. Equal parts humorous, fashionable, and faith-filled, this tee is sure to become your wardrobe's Holy Grail (no pun intended) 🙏

Perfect for the devout dames and righteous gents, youthful juveniles, and little cherubs - it's a montage of hilarity and hope guaranteed to spice up Sunday services! Sisters and brothers, this isn't average Sunday attire - It's a conversation starter, sermon enhancer, and just a great excuse to show off your fantastic fashion sense😉

Let's hear out some faux-awesome testimonials overhearing through the grapevine:
Ms. Pious from Paducah says, I caught myself smiling in the mirror that I forgot to pray!. I made a party foul and spilled communion wine down the front, but thank Jesus for Tide Sticks, preaches Brother Bob from Boise. Trodding the fashion high road, the pious Pete from Portland praised, The hem of my old Faith shirt got worn out, but this shirt's stitching holds up like the Ten Commandments!”

In need of a wardrobe miracle or looking to gift a merry mirth-maker? Purchase now and watch heavens part- the fashion gods have spoken, and they command thee to grab one of our whimsical tees! Be prepared to be decked in a divine declaration of your devout dedication, and still be a laughter riot as you saunter down the aisle. Have faith and always remember; God's not finished with you yet, and neither is your fashion journey! 🌟

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