Get ready to dive into adventure, excitement, and the Holy Word with this mega pack of 120 Christian Bookmarks filled with Bible Verses for all the young believers out there! 🙏 This splash of colors, prayers, and quality sturdy cardstock is bound to attract even the toughest critics, children! The perfect size - 6 x 2 inches, these bookmarks are the hand-held gateways to biblical learning and fun.

Need a divine gift? 🎁 Voila! These Spiritual Bible Bookmarks are the ultimate presents for anyone and everyone! Readers, learners, kids, adults, women & men, and even teachers, you name them! Mother’s day or Father’s day, a school event, birthday bash or simply a surprise gift - these bookmarks are ideal.

Reading has never been this fun and inspiring! 📘 Each bookmark features cheerful, warm patterns with inspirational words and messages of faith, making each page turn a soul-lifting experience. Every reading session turned into a spiritual revelation!

And hold your breath! The reverse side is not just a random back print - it's a functional ruler. So while you soak up scriptural wisdom, you could be finishing that school project too! 📏

Ready for a dose of divine variety? This bulk set features 30 varieties of bookmarks, with 4 duplicates of each style. That gives you 120 bookmarks - ready to be shared with loved ones or kept as treasures of faith.

Here's a humorous review from 'Bookworm Benny': It's like a divine intervention at Sunday school. I've got all the kids eagerly turning pages. Even the adults are asking for more bookmarks. Highly recommended! More Sunday School, less snooze school! 😉.

Let these Spiritual Bible Bookmarks be your new vibrant companions shining light on every page of your journey! Enjoy reading and spreading joy, inspiration, and faith wherever you go! 🤗

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